Argonaut is a specialist metal facade business based in Southampton.

Family owned and managed, Argonaut manufactures and installs facades and decorative exterior components for clients across a wide range of sectors. With a talented and experienced team, and industry-leading facilities, Argonaut can tackle even the most complex of fabrication challenges. Argonaut covers the length and breadth of the UK, and has completed projects from Cornwall to the Shetland Isles, and the Republic of Ireland.


Argonaut has the full range of pre-treatment, manufacturing and powdercoating facilities on site at it Southampton headquarters. This ensures short lead times and fast turnarounds, and we respond regularly to urgent and time-sensitive requests, fabricating, despatching and installing specialist facades quickly, without compromising on quality.



Why Argonaut?

At Argonaut we’ve built an unrivalled reputation for the quality of our fabrication and finishing, and for the meticulous attention to detail that builds our clients’ confidence in what we do.

There are four key reasons Argonaut has become an industry leader and a trusted partner to so many sectors:


Argonaut is renowned for its forward-thinking approaches to tackling complex challenges.


All design, manufacture, pre-treatment and powder coating is carried out on site, with a keen focus on quality and efficiency at every step of every process. This also means we can guarantee short lead times and quick turnarounds, whatever the requirement.


Argonaut is financially secure, and invests continuously in its business and operations. As such, we can handle £multi-million projects with ease and reassurance.


We attract and retain the most talented designers, production managers, fabricators, welders and installers in the business.